You know, I’m out here at the corner of King and Niagara in the middle of the night to draw your attention to a bus shelter ad that I’ve had commissioned to be placed at the corner of King and Niagara here. I’d like to draw your attention to the slogan. It says, “Condo Chris loves kids, because when Junior needs a bedroom it’s time to sell the condo!”

Now, I thought this was a nice, light-hearted ad in good spirit and something that people would find a little bit funny.

An email I got this morning reads something like this: “Dear Condo Chris. Your ad is offensive! You’ve clearly not done your research. More and more ‘hip,’ young couples are choosing to stay in the city. In the downtown core specifically and are opting for a less cluttered life. Family life is busy enough and what better way to take advantage of all the city taxes we pay then to live in the heart of it. We moved to King West when we were pregnant. Sold the third house and bought a loft. Life has never been better. I do not write this to offend you but rather to open your eyes to a market segment that is being ignored. One that the right realtor with the right marketing plan can reap the benefits of. Condo life with kids isn’t for everyone, agreed. But trust me there are plenty of “us” out there who wouldn’t go back if you paid me. Best of luck, -O.”

You know what? I loved getting this email. Whether the feedback is positive or negative it shows that people are paying attention and people are talking. And it’s an important issue in this neighborhood. This feedback made me think, how does everyone else feel about kids and condos? Are you a fan of kids in condos or maybe they should be restricted, like pets? What do you think? Maybe we should have size limits. Only small kids, no big kids. Do you like them or not like them? Should you have kids and pets together? Maybe we should put daycare in condos. Maybe you have kids and you love the lifestyle. Maybe your neighbors have kids and you despise them. How do you feel about condo life with kids? I’d like to hear about it. If you’d like to leave some commentary, chime in. Go to the bottom of my blog here and let me know what you think.

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