Lots of Toronto Real Estate Agents give guarantees – I like to give ones I can actually keep.


Today I’d like to take a minute to talk to you about my personal guarantees. You know, sometimes I get mail from other real estate agents and it says things like, “I guarantee I can sell your house for the most money,” or “I guarantee I’ll sell your house the quickest.” Funny enough it’s always got little asterisks underneath it because there’s “some conditions that apply.” You know, if a realtor’s making a guarantee like that, I’ve got a piece of advice for you: RUN!. That’s not something any prudent realtor can guarantee.Let me tell you about my personal guarantees and these are guarantees that I can offer, and I’m so confident that I can guarantee them that I’m willing to offer you cash. If you’re one of my clients and for any reason I don’t uphold one of these guarantees, I’m going to give you $100, cash.That brings me to my first guarantee and it comes from the largest complaint that people have with their realtors, and that’s lack of communication. You know, they took a bunch of surveys and they asked people what’s the biggest problem you have with your real estate agent and the number one problem, in fact, I believe 81% of respondents answered that it was their number one problem, was that their realtors didn’t return their calls. Try to call their agent, their agent does not call them back. You know, I deal with this situation every day. I try to call another agent for a piece of information or book an appointment- they just don’t call me back. I have no idea why, but it drives me up a wall.

That’s why my first guarantee that I offer all my clients is this: I call it the Condo Chris Callback Guarantee. If you cal my number, I’m going to call you back. It’s not going to be a team member, it’s not going to be my assistant, it’s going to be me. So if you’ve got an issue that you want to discuss with me, I’ll be the one you’re talking to. In fact, give it a try right now ((416) 486-5588). If you call that number, I’m going to call you back shortly. I don’t care what time of day it is. Try it out. If you’re a client of mine, it’s worth $100 to you if I don’t call back.

Now, here’s a technique that’s taught to real estate agents across the board and it was taught to me. If you want to get a listing, quote the highest price possible for that property, put it on the market, if it doesn’t sell, reduce your price, reduce your price, reduce your price. I hate that technique. It’s not honest and I don’t like dealing with people two weeks later when their house hasn’t sold asking me why couldn’t I get them a high price and I can’t. I hate when people exaggerate to me and I don’t like to pass that on to my clients, so that brings me to my second guarantee.

I call it the “no smoke guarantee.” Basically, when you speak with me, I’ll speak the truth. If I say I’m going to do something, I’ll do it. If I can’t do something  I tell you right away, “Hey, I can’t do that.” Okay? I’m not here to upsell myself or your listing. I’m here to give you a fair opinion of value and do my best to sell your property. That’s the “no smoke guarantee.”

Now, my third, final, and possibly most important guarantee for me is this: I call it the “Condo Chris no tie guarantee. I am not going to show up willy-nilly wearing a tie. In fact, if you ask me to wear a tie, you’re never going to see me wearing one at all. And if you do, it’s $100 in your pocket. You’re not just going to show up out of the blue, find me wearing some big bright tie. No way. I don’t like them, I don’t wear them, I don’t think they’re correct for real estate. Hey, if you think a tie makes you a professional, you’ve got 35,000 realtors to choose from. There’s no surprises here and there’s no ties here, so that’s my third guarantee, the “Condo Chris no tie guarantee.”

So there they are, my three guarantees. The “Condo Chris callback guarantee,” the “Condo Chris no smoke guarantee,” and possibly most importantly, the “Condo Chris no tie guarantee.” Once again, I take my guarantees very seriously. If you try to call me and I don’t call you back, it’s worth $100. If you think I’m exaggerating or blowing smoke, it’s worth $100. And f I just show up out of the blue rocking some crazy tie, that’s worth $100 for you. God, I hate ties! If you hate ties too, maybe we’d make a good fit. Furthermore, if you’re looking for an agent that offers guarantees that they can actually honor, give me a call.

My name’s Chris Borkowski. They call me Condo Chris, I’m a broker with Re/Max Hallmark. I hope you’ve enjoyed my guarantees and I hope you’ll give me a call when you’re thinking about selling your property. Thanks for watching.

If you have any questions, or you’re looking for a Toronto real estate agent, Toronto condo, or office space, call me at 416-486-5588 or email condochris@gmail.com.