Teams in Toronto Real Estate are really big right now. But are they right for you? Watch my video to find out.
You know, it’s 6am on a Sunday morning and I’m here at the corner of DuPont and Landsdowne. I’ve got up early to come to this mural because I think this mural illustrates perfectly today’s topic, which is teams in real estate. I love this guy! Look at him! He’s going to be my main character. We’re going to call him Mr. Super Agent. You know who this guy is. He’s the guy with the TV commercials, he’s the guy with the billboards. He’s the guy that says, “I’ve got a huge team behind me. Hire me and you’ll get the strength of my entire team.” This is the guy that shows up at your listing presentation, smoothes you over, gets you to sign the papers, and then leaves.Now, a week’s gone by and you want to give Mr. Super Agent a call, so you call him at the office. Who answers the phone? Probably one of these two ladies, the first tier of his team. This is his secretary, this is his assistant. They may be professional administrators or they may be a relative or a friend of the family who he’s hired for cheap. Now, they’re going to take your message and they’re going to pass it on. You think they’re going to give it to Mr. Super Agent? Uh-uh they’re going to give it to a member of the team.Let’s talk about the team right now. Here’s team member number one. This guy is a realtor but he just got his license. He’s only had it for three weeks so he knows nothing about the business. He needs a few tips, pointers, to get him up to speed. This is the guy that’s taking your phone call. Let’s talk about agent number two. This guy’s had his license for thirty years, but guess what! He took twenty years off to raise a family and he’s just getting back into the business. He doesn’t know the lay of the land, he’s a little unfamiliar with the Internet, so he needs Mr. Super Agent to give him a few pointers as well. This is the guy that’s going to be handling your open house. Here’s team agent number three. This guy’s also had his license for thirty years, but guess what? He’s lazy. He likes to party, he likes to take vacations. his numbers aren’t where they’re supposed to be. He hooks up with Mr. Super Agent to get his numbers up.

Now, the funny thing about all these team members is that once they get a little bit more experience, once their numbers come up a little bit, they don’t need the team anymore! They’re tired of splitting their commissions with Mr. Super Agent, so they leave.
Now that leaves Mr. Super Agent in a very awkward position because he’s got no team members left once they leave. How, his job has just changed. He’s gone from a real estate salesperson to a real estate recruiter because he needs to keep feeding his team. So, he spends his days out looking for real estate agents recruiting. So instead of selling your property, he’s hitting the streets trying to find more agents like this guy, and this guy, and this guy, and this guy, and this guy, and it goes on and on and on.

Now, let’s talk about my method, the Condo Chris method. I believe in personal attention and I think my clients deserve to be treated the same way I would like to be treated if I was spending big bucks on a Toronto real estate agent. You know, when people hire me, they expect a 250 pound tattooed pitbull to go to war for them when it’s time to make an offer. They’re not expecting a 25 pound poodle that just got their license last week. When they call me, they want to speak with me. If they’ve got somebody to yell at, they can yell at me. I don’t defer my responsibilities or the details of the deal to some minor agent who just got their license a few weeks ago and that’s why I disagree with the team system and I prefer the personal approach.

Listen, if you prefer the personal approach while buying or selling your Toronto real estate give me a call. My name’s Condo Chris and I’m a broker with Re/Max Hallmark right here in the city of Toronto. Thanks for watching.

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