Looking for a Condo Townhouse Toronto?


Ever wondered how much more townhouse you could get for your money if you just went a little further West from Downtown Toronto? Watch this video and prepare to go West my friends!

Today I’m at Mimico Go Station. Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “Chris, where the Hell is Mimico Go Station?” I’ll tell you where it is. It’s two stops west of Union Station on the Lake Shore Go line. So if you get on the train at Union, take it to CNE, then you stop at Mimico.

Now, you’re also probably asking yourself, “Chris, what the Hell are you doing out here in Mimico?” I’ll tell you what I’m doing out here. I have a beautiful condo townhouse listing here. I’m not afraid to say it’s probable one of the finest townhouses I’ve ever listed, in fact, it’s so nice I’d probably even live there myself. It’s right around the corner from the Mimico Go Station.

Now, if you’ve been shopping for a condo townhouse downtown, the reason that I’m showing you how close Mimico really is and how much more you can get out here is because there really is a lot more value to be had just two Go stops away from Union Station. So, I’m about to ride over there. I want to take you with me. I’ve got my handy GoPro cam on my helmet here. I’m going to go for a little ride just to show you how close the listing is to the Go Train Station, and then I’m going to take you for a quick tour of the house to show you how much I love it. Ride with me! (watch the video).

That was a lot of fun! Now, how long did that take? Maybe thirty seconds? The truth is it doesn’t take you much longer to walk there. It’s right around the corner. Now, here we are. This is 114 Evans Avenue, unit #3 and I’m starting this tour in the garage because the garage is one of my favorite spots. This is a three-car garage. When was the last time you saw a townhouse with a private three-car garage? And many of these neighbors have all three cars parked in here, so for a guy like me who likes vehicles, this is perfect and one of the reasons why I could live here myself. Follow me, let’s check out the rest of the house.

Okay, now, so this is the lower bedroom, the fourth bedroom. Currently, this is known as a “man cave,” however it is a fourth bedroom. It can be used as a guest bedroom if your relatives want to come by or as a playroom for your kids. So, it’s pretty far secluded from the rest of the house. If they want to make noise, you’re not going to hear them upstairs. This fourth bedroom also has a great little custom-built two-piece powder room off to the side, so if people need to use the facilities, they can and they’re not going to bother any of the adults upstairs. Now, speaking of upstairs, let’s go check it out because this house really shines.

Let’s start this tour of 114 Evans Avenue #3 right here in the kitchen. This kitchen- gorgeous. Another reason why I love this place. It was custom designed and built in 2010, it’s got granite, it’s got top of the line Samsung appliances, and check this out: it’s got a Fisher Paykel two-drawer stacking dishwasher. Never seen that before, have you? Now, if you like that, come check out the deck off the back of the kitchen.

Here you are. You want to barbecue? You want to entertain your friends? Or you just want to leave the airiness open to the kitchen? You can do it all. This is great back here. It’s got custom mood-lighting installed all the way around, new air conditioning unit, you can bring your barbeque back here. Lovely deck. It’s one of two decks in this townhouse. Let’s go check out the living room.

Okay, so here we are living-dining room. Now, this living room, very nice, also has one of two gas fireplaces installed. The second one is in the master bedroom. It’s beautiful. If you like fireplaces, we do live in Canada, very nice and charming for the wintertime. Take a look at these floors. Beautiful hardwood throughout.

Now, the owners of this house have also installed custom gates because they have a young child. If you were to buy this house you could leave the gates here, you can uninstall them very easily. Now, let’s go check out the second and third bedroom.

Alright, so let’s start our tour of the second floor. As you can see, there’s still hardwood running through the halls. These rooms have broadloom, it’s been professionally cleaned just recently and so were the ducts. Now, this is being used as an office right now, but it would make a great kid’s room or a great hobby room. Whatever you want to use it for. Come check out this bathroom.

This bathroom’s great. Also custom-designed and built in 2010. None of the units in this area came like this, this was all custom done. It’s got a basin sink, it’s got a nice glass shower stall, beautiful three piece bathroom. Now, if you follow me through this bathroom is actually a semi-ensuite to the third bedroom which has a walk-in closet that enters into here. Follow me and take a look.

So here’s your walk-in closet. A little girl or boy would probably love this to store their toys, like Paddington right here. This third bedroom is giant, bigger than the room I had growing up as a kid and I’m sure any little boy or girl would love to grow up in this room, or an older person could use a cafe like this or put a desk in here. A lot of space, freshly cleaned broadloom, freshly painted…you could move right in.

Now, let’s check out the master because this place is going to blow your mind.
I love this room. A couple of things I love about it: giant cathedral ceilings, ceiling fan, also, your second gas fireplace. You know, if this were my room, bearskin rug, might even have a wine and cheese plate right here, but I would be hanging out here snuggling with my wife in front of the fire every cold winter’s evening. Now, my clients have a young baby. The baby does fine right here. That’s one of the reasons why they decided to upgrade to a bigger house and they’ve put this house on the market. If they didn’t have another child, I’m sure they would want to stay. Custom California walk in closet! Completely done up with custom shelving. All the shelving comes with the place. Great spot for your suits and the misses’ dresses. Now, the piece de la resistance. This master suite is master ensuite. Let me show it to you.

It’s got beautiful multiple jet shower stall, matching his and hers vanities, it’s got a jacuzzi tub. Check this out: it has your second deck, right here!

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my little tour of this gorgeous condo townhouse at 114 Evans Avenue, #3. You know, if you’ve been looking for a condo townhouse downtown and haven’t been able to find what you like, I urge you to jump on the Go train and travel two stops west to Mimico to look at properties like this. Now, how much do you think a house like this would cost downtown? Out here in Mimico this entire four bedroom, three bathroom, three car garage townhouse with all these custom upgrades is listed at only $599,000. Listen, you can’t find a 1000 square foot condo apartment downtown for that and you can have basically a palace out here in Mimico, so I urge you, expand your horizons, and come take a look out here.

Once again, my name’s Chris Borkowski. You know me as Condo Chris. I’m a broker with Re/Max Hallmark here on the smoking deck at 114 Evans Avenue, #3. Thanks for watching.

If you have any questions, or you’re looking for a Condo Townhouse, Toronto real estate investment, or a Condo in Toronto, call me at 416-486-5588 or email condochris@gmail.com.