The new year is underway and I have a new look – check it out.

Welcome to 2013 everyone. I know I haven’t had a blog in a little while, but I’ve been really busy selling real estate.

Today, I’m down in River City Condos. This is a new project. It’s not quite done yet, but it’s coming along gangbusters and I’m really excited about how River City Toronto is going to turn out for 2013. Let me tell you a little about a few other things I’m really excited about for 2013.

First of all, got some new branding. Changed up my look a little bit, softened it, and this is my “for sale” sign and you’ll see that I’m going for the “big head, small body” look. I think that’s important and I think the bobble-head look is going to help me sell more homes this year. One of the other things that I’m really excited about is my brand-new “open house” sign. This is one of the largest open house signs ever built and in fact, I just got a tweet from Captain Hadfield saying he can see this sign from outer space.

Now, if you watch my blogs you know that I’m not a big fan of open houses:
So, who’s coming to these open houses then? You do an open house and who is showing up? I’ll tell you: noisy neighbors.
So why do I have this sign? We’ve had a really strong seller in Toronto’s market for the last few years. Open houses haven’t been as important. We haven’t needed open houses! You know, if you’ve got the only listing on your street and your open housing it every weekend, sometimes I think it reeks of desperation. But, if there’s five listings on your street people are going to be traveling to and from, you better make sure you’ve got one of these babies out and that people know you’re listed. That’s how we’re going to sell properties in a buyer’s market.

Now, how do I know it’s going to be a buyer’s market? I got a great technique that I just started using that I can’t wait to share with you, but I’m not going to do it today. I’m going to do it in a future blog, so stay tuned. Today I’m going to sell some more real estate, right here in River City Condos. My name’s Chris Borkowski and you know me as Condo Chris and I’m a broker with Re/Max Hallmark. Thanks for watching.

If you have any questions, or you’re looking for River City Condos, Toronto real estate investment, or office space, call me at 416-486-5588 or email