Today I’m at 81 Navy Wharf. This is my newest listing and it’s gorgeous- overlooks the Sky Dome!

I’m here to talk to you about the future. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and newspapers. There’s a lot of people out there predicting a real estate crash. “Oh, a crash is coming, a crash is coming!” In Toronto in 2013. They think there’s too many condos!. I’m here to tell you absolutely, 100%, unequivocally, there is no real estate crash coming in 2013!

Now, you’re probably saying, “Hey, Condo Chris, how do you know this?” Do I know this because I’m up at 6:00 in the morning reading papers, watching interest rate announcements? Is it because I’m sitting in nice condos like this or houses uptown (my listings)? I see how many buyers are coming through, how many agents are brokering appointments. You know, one of the coolest things I do is I talk to real estate mortgage brokers that I know and I ask them, “How many pre-approvals do you have lined up?” Pre-approvals are people waiting to buy that haven’t bought yet. You know, most of the ones that I know have a stack this big.

There’s lots of buyers waiting in the wings.

Now, do all of these things lead me to make an educated guess that there’s no crash coming in 2013? Or maybe it’s something more fantastical? Like maybe a crystal ball? Maybe that’s how I can tell the future because I have a crystal ball. Well, today I’m here to tell you the truth. Do you want to know what it is? It’s a crystal ball! I wasn’t lying. To Hell with reading the newspapers. You know, in my world as a real estate agent, I’m constantly being asked, “Hey, what’s my house going to be worth in six months?”, “Hey, where is the market going to be in six months?” or, “What’s going to happen two years from now?”
You know, I thought, I’m sick and tired of trying to answer these questions without a crystal ball. I went out and invested in one! It’s not an iPad or anything fancy like that, but this is low-tech and it works like a charm. For predicting the future, this thing is dead nuts accurate. Listen, why don’t we ask it a question right not and get an answer?

Crystal Ball, will the Toronto Maple Leaves win the Stanley Cup this year? Oo, sorry folks. You heard it here first: there’s not going to be a real estate crash here in Toronto in 2013 and unfortunately, the Toronto Maple Leafs aren’t going to win the Stanley Cup either. You know, if your realtor isn’t using crystal ball technology, maybe it’s time you found a realtor who did.

My name’s Chris Borkowski and I’m realtor with Re/Max Hallmark right here in the city of Toronto. If you’d like to come take a look at this property at 81 Navy Wharf or if you have any real estate questions for me or the crystal ball, feel free to give me a call at 416-486-5588. Thanks for watching!

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