Hi, I’m Chris Borkowski, you know me as “Condo” Chris and I am a broker with RE/MAX Hallmark right here in the city of Toronto. This is my colleague Tobias Owen, a Commercial Realtor who also represents RE/MAX Hallmark.

Today we are at our newest listing, it’s a business for sale located at 1310 Don Mills Rd: The M group Salon and Spa.
The current owner of this business has been in the salon business for over 35 years and has had this location for 6 years. This location is the culmination of that 35 years experience in the salon business.

The current owner is now in her 60s and is working 6 days a week. She doesn’t like the long hours anymore and would like to think about retiring so she needs a new owner to come and take this business off her hands and gain from her experience.

The first thing you will notice at the M group Salon is 6 custom-build hairstyling stations with built in cubbies.

Towards the rear of the salon you will find 3 German-style retractable hair dryers and 3 professionally installed hair washing sink stations.

At the back of the Salon we find the spa area. This area has 3 pedicure stations with sinks and 3 manicure stations. Also there are two treatment rooms in the back for spa services like waxing, electrolysis or facials.

One of the things I love about the M group salon is that there are actually 2 potential separate businesses here. The salon in the front, and the spa at the back, so this business is perfect for a potential partnership. One partner could do hair, one do nails, and one offer treatments.

The M group even has its own cafe where you can serve your clients refreshments while they relax.

Tobias is exceptionally happy about the way the current owners have kept the books up to date so potential buyers can see a daily record of business transactions.

Once again, I’m Condo Chris Borkowski and this is my colleague Tobias Owen, we represent Remax Hallmark in the city of Toronto.

If you have a friend or a family member that has been thinking of getting into the salon business, please give us a call and come to look at the M Group Salon and Spa.

Thanks for watching!