Hi Im Chris Borkowski, you know me as “Condo” Chris and I’m a Broker with Remax Hallmark right here in the City of Toronto.

Today I’m at 33 Charles street near Yonge and Bloor and this is a 2 bedroom unit currently for rent and I’m here to speak about a terrible scam artist who has been preying on unsuspecting tenants in the city of Toronto. This scam artist uses the names DAVID ADAMEC, DAVID MORAVEC, and sometimes DAVID ERDOS. The scam artist always claims to reside in either London, England or Hungary. Here is how the scam works:

The scam artist takes a legitimate rental listing from craigslist.com or kijiji.com and repackages it to make it appear as though he is the owner, then re-lists it for a cheaper price. Now the unsuspecting tenant sees this new rental listing and can’t wait to view it because now its a great listing at a great price. The tenant contacts the scam artist who claims to be out of town on business and unavailable to show the unit. He asks the tenant to place first and last months rent deposit in an escrow account upon which he will have a courier deliver the keys to the tenant. He uses a popular software called RENTPOST.COM which is a legitimate service that landlords use to communicate with their tenants. After seeing this legitimate software, the tenants feel secure placing their deposits in the account and; of course, the scam artist keeps the deposit and never sends the keys.

Now, the best way to protect yourself from a scam like this is to make sure you view the apartment first. You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive, likewise you should never rent an apartment without seeing it first. If there is some reason why the landlord or one of his agents can’t show you the place, there is a good chance you are being scammed.

If you feel like you may be involved with a scam or you are in a situation that feels uncomfortable, by all means call me at any time and i will be happy to help you – free of charge.

Thanks for watching – And be careful out there!